Ain’t Life A Bastard – Thirty six years of musical mayhem with Eddie Hardin.

The fledgling Hammond organ player and singer Eddie Hardin was just seventeen when he passed the audition to replace Steve Winwood in the Spencer Davis Group. His life, from that moment on, could never again be ‘normal’, but even by rock and roll standards, Eddie has seen and done it all.

“The Standard Rock Biography” specialises in lengthy musical analyses and track-by-track album reviews, plus the customary doomy tales of drug-fuelled excess and shady business shenanigans. But this is not your “Standard Rock Biography”.

With an irrepressible sense of fun, Eddie prefers to concentrate on the sheer madness of life in this most unreal of professions. Be careful if reading “Alab” on a train, since your laughter may well disturb your fellow-travellers’ mobile phone conversations.

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