Access One Step

The Official History of the Joiners Arms.

Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, Oasis, The Manic Street Preachers, Radiohead … Their careers could never have started without the help of small, atmospheric venues like the Joiners, an unassuming but much-loved backstreet pub in downtown Southampton. Richard Ashcroft cites the Joiners as the venue of his greatest ever performance, the Manic Street Preachers signed their record deal there and Oasis played there for £100. And every day of the week, it stays loyal to the grass roots as it plays host to local and up-and-coming bands.

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Access One Step tells the story of the Joiners in the words of the people
who have lived, worked and played there.

“My whole life has been shaped by the Joiners” – Greg Gilbert, Delays

Stuffed with photos, memorabilia and contributions from all the main
players in the venue’s history, ACCESS ONE STEP tells the remarkable and
sometimes moving story of an area of the music industry which has seldom
been explored.