Oliver Gray is a language teacher and writer of language teaching resources. His main passion is music, and this website hopes to give some enjoyment to visitors who share this interest. If you’d like to get in touch with Oliver to agree, disagree, discuss and generally swap yarns, he would be delighted.

BOOKS (all available from Amazon or through any good bookshop or by emailing Oliver):

PrintPOLLY IN MY POCKET – Cautionary Tales Of Camper Van Life – published 2020

BANJO ON MY KNEE – Music Travels In The American South – published 2019

ZANDER – A crime novel set in the world of UK Americana

VOLUME – A Cautionary Tale of Rock and Roll Obsession

V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N. – Cautionary Tales of Travelling Without Style

ALAB: Ain’t Life A Bastard – by Eddie Hardin and Oliver Gray – 30 years of musical mayhem

ACCESS ONE STEP – The Official History Of The Joiners Arms

LOCO-MOTION – A booklet detailing the history of Winchester’s Railway Inn music venue.

Use the drop-down Books link at the top of the page to read extracts and buy the books, either from Amazon or direct from Oliver.

The final chapter of Oliver’s first book, ‘Volume’, contains a list that covers about 70 percent of gigs Oliver attended between 1964 and the present day. To witness this list with your own eyes, please click on the Gary’s Gigs link at the top of the page.

This blog site contains a tiny fraction of Oliver’s music and travel writing. At one time or other, he has written for almost all the UK music magazines, plus various national, international  and regional newspapers and magazines. He’s been writing since the early seventies but the material here is more recent (i.e. written since the advent of computers). Click on the Live Reviews link at the top the page to read some off the 120-odd live reviews Oliver has written for Record Collector magazine since 2004.

Oliver’s day job is writing resources for language teaching. His publishing company REVILO was sold to Linguascope in 2016. Click on the Language Books link at the top off the page to find out more.

Oliver, with his wife Birgit, promotes “Americana” shows in Winchester. Further details at www.sc4m.co.uk.

To contact Oliver, please email oliverjbgray@gmail.com